Traffic Cone Trip

Whilst traffic cones are normally supposed to warn people and be easy to see, that unfortunately was not the case for Mrs W. Having come out of her garden gate and stepped out on to the footpath beyond she tripped and fell over a cone that had been left there.

Because of where it was Mrs W could not have seen it until it was too late. It was blocked from her sight by the wall and gate.

Mrs W contacted Andrew Marsden of our Batley office, who was able to bring a claim for compensation for her under a no win no fee agreement.

The defendant tried to argue that they had not put the cone there, and it must have been moved by persons unknown. Therefore they argued it could not be their fault. However, Andrew was able to demonstrate that even if they had not put the cone there, it was their property, and part of their monitoring of the road works site should involve checking that things – cones included – were where they should be.

Mrs W will now receive the compensation she deserves for what happened to her.

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