Look Before Opening

Opening your car door seems a fairly mundane activity, lets face it, it is something we all do fairly often. At least twice per journey anyway. But, it can have significant – potentially fatal – repercussions. Which is why it is now covered in the updated Highway Code. Mr A had first hand experience of […]

Some Nice Feedback

A nice review for Andrew Marsden of our Batley Office.

Prop It Up Properly

Mr M was at work going about his usual duties, when it became necessary for him to collect some items for a customer order. As he was doing so, a number of  heavy units fell and hit him, causing him injuries. These units had been left propped up against the rear of the items Mr […]

Highway Code Update

You may be aware that there have been a number of changes to the Highway Code recently – there has certainly been a lot of “debate” arising from them!!! But, whether you agree with the changes or not, they are now with us, and must be followed. The changes are underwritten by the principal that […]

Fix It

Employers have a duty to keep work equipment and machinery in a good state of repair. That does not mean that every machine in the factory needs to be shiny and free from all knocks and dints, very few are, but it does mean that they should operate properly. And, most importantly safely. That was […]

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Andrew Marsden of our Batley office has had a number of enquiries recently from people wanting to bring compensation claims for accidents that happened some time ago. Unfortunately we have not been able to help them, because they have left it too late. And in more than a few of these cases the person would […]

A Nice Review

A nice review for Andrew Marsden of our Batley office from a satisfied client.

Nice Feedback

It is always nice to get some pleasant feedback from our client’s, such as this for Andrew Marsden of our Batley office.  

Traffic Cone Trip

Whilst traffic cones are normally supposed to warn people and be easy to see, that unfortunately was not the case for Mrs W. Having come out of her garden gate and stepped out on to the footpath beyond she tripped and fell over a cone that had been left there. Because of where it was […]

You Can’t Park There

There are lots of things you don’t expect to happen whilst enjoying a quiet night in, and an idiot drunk driver trying park in your living room is definitely on that list. Mrs R had the narrowest of escapes when this happened to her. Just a minute or so before, she had been sat watching […]