Don’t Put It Off

Accident at Work

Mr B had an accident at work when he was out doing some deliveries for his employers. The lorry which Mr B was driving had to be unloaded and as he pulled back the side curtain one of the side posts fell off and hit Mr B on his hard hat knocking this off and […]

Need A Second Opinion??

Mrs S was at work. It was a training day and staff were moving around the premises from room to room taking part in training exercises. Her employer had provided refreshments including bottled water. As Mrs S was walking to her next venue she slipped and fell on water that had been spilled on the […]

Steering Unassistance

On this particular day Mr W was allocated a different works van, which had been fitted with a steering wheel adaptation. It shouldn’t have been. The company does not allow them, but they knew it had been fitted. As the steering wheel turned the adaptation struck Mr W’s hand and dislocated his thumb. After we […]

Mr P works in a very busy professional kitchen. His employers provide his uniform which includes a long sleeved chef’s tunic. On this particular day however the uniform was changed to a short sleeved one. Part way through his shift Mr P was reminded in the most painful way why the tunics should be long […]

Uneven Ground

Mr L worked for a construction company. When getting back to the works yard it was often necessary to unload the vehicle. More often than not, this involved somebody getting up into the bed of the truck. Once unloading was finished that person would then step down. On this day that person was Mr L. […]

Dodgy Decking

Miss F works as a carer helping people in their homes. On this particular day she was working at a property she wasn’t very familiar with. The service user asked Miss F if she wouldn’t mind going outside to feed a family pet, which of course she agreed to do. This involved her walking over […]

Shrink Wrap Safety

Shrink wrap is very useful. It is particularly useful when it comes to keeping loads on pallets stable, which is why Mr W’s employers used to shrink wrap every load before it was moved. Unfortunately as part of a review of working practice it was decided that that was no longer necessary. As Mr W […]

Hot Soup

We all like a nice bowl of warming soup from time to time, especially when the weather is colder. There are few things better for warming you up. Unfortunately for Mrs H, she got rather more than a bowl full of soup when a soup cauldron fell onto her at work. The soup was also […]

Pallet Pain

There is a correct and an incorrect way to safely stack paving slabs on a pallet. If you get it wrong the slabs have a tendency to fall over, and if they land on your hand and wrist, that can be, to say the least very painful. Unfortunately for Mr W the person who stacked […]