Local Knowledge Always Helps

Mr H was happily sat waiting for the traffic lights to change to green so he could continue on his way, when the next thing he knows there is a violent collision in front of him, resulting in one of those vehicles in turn being pushed at speed in to his car.

This caused extensive damage and caused Mr H to be injured.

Clearly not his fault, but where did the blame lay??

That proved to be less straightforward than might have been expected. This was a multiple lane traffic light junction. At least one, and possibly both of the other vehicles had jumped a red light, and they were both clearly travelling at speed.

Both drivers of course blamed each other.

The claim was handled by Andrew Marsden of our Batley Office, who luckily has spent quite a lot of time himself at those lights waiting for them to turn green! This local knowledge meant that Andrew knew the changing pattern of the light, the lane priorities, and the order they changed in.

We were then able to prove the claim against the responsible driver. Mr H will now receive the compensation he deserves, and is going to receive physiotherapy at the insurers cost to help his recovery.

Local knowledge can be all important when it comes to winning a claim. With offices in Batley, Birstall, Brighouse, Cleckheaton, Leeds, and Morley, Brearleys are your local solicitors.

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