Fix It

Employers have a duty to keep work equipment and machinery in a good state of repair. That does not mean that every machine in the factory needs to be shiny and free from all knocks and dints, very few are, but it does mean that they should operate properly.

And, most importantly safely.

That was not the case for Mr P’s employers who failed to repair a problem with the machinery that he worked with. And this was despite the fact that they had been told it was faulty. They simply required him to keep using it in that condition.

As a result the machine failed whilst he was using it, and Mr P was injured as a result.

Andrew Marsden of our Batley office brought a claim for compensation on Mr P’s behalf. That claim has now been successful and Mr P has received the compensation he deserves for what happened to him.

Andrew acted for Mr P on a no win no fee basis, which meant that he could bring his claim without having to worry about legal fees if he was not successful.

To begin your claim contact Andrew on 01924 473065, or via any of our other office numbers, drop him an email to [email protected] , or use the live chat on our website. Initial advice will not cost you anything, and if we believe you have a claim Andrew should be able to act for you on a no win no fee basis.