Mediation Works

Civil and Commercial mediation works. It solves disputes. It is quick. Inexpensive compared to traditional litigation. Easily accessible. And did we mention it is quick.

Disputes happen, that is a fact of life. All day every day people have disagreements. Thankfully the vast majority of these are something and nothing. Soon sorted and forgotten. But many are not.

And, of those an increasing proportion find themselves “coming to law”. If you cannot resolve the problem yourself then you need somebody to do that for you.

Traditionally that means each side engaging lawyers to argue their case, followed by lots of clever (and lengthy) legal arguments, and quite possibly a judge deciding the outcome.

Or, you could go to a Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Which brings us back to where we started:-

Mediation works – 80% plus of cases going to mediation come to a successful conclusion

Mediation is quick – Mediations only last for 1 day at most, and the majority a lot less time than that.

Mediation is inexpensive – Usually less than £500.00 per party. Even a day long mediation in a high value dispute (£250,000.00 plus) will only cost less than £2000.00 per party, compared with traditional litigation fees of at least 10 times that or more.

Mediation is easily accessible – We can arrange a mediation at very short notice, within days of contact if necessary. We can accept all of the paperwork electronically, and are on hand to answer any questions.

Contact Andrew Marsden (accredited civil and commercial mediator) on 01924 473065 or by email [email protected] to find out more and get your dispute solved.