Beauty Beware

Image and appearance appear to be becoming more and more important in day to day life, quite probably driven by social media, and the constant bombardment of photographs of glamourous and immaculately turned out celebs. (Seriously, nobody needs to look that good to nip out for a pint of milk!!).

And whilst the rights and wrongs of this sort of image promotion is a much bigger debate than this post, it is something which has created an availability of “beauty therapies” on the High Street. It used to be that your choice of beauty treatment was which hairdresser you were going to. Now you can have botox injections, fat freezing, lip fillers, chemical peels, and the list goes on and on.

The vast majority of these therapies are conducted by high quality professional establishments, and are carried out without anything going wrong. But not always, and when it does go wrong the results can be significant, devastating even.

From “trout pout” to skin pigmentation, to ptosis, the result of negligent treatment is, unfortunately all too often there to see.

Andrew Marsden of our Batley office has developed a specialist practice in negligent beauty treatment claims, and has seen some startling after effects. “one of the biggest problems is that the industry is almost entirely unregulated”, “many establishments do not carry the necessary liability insurance” said Andrew.

“And that can literally add insult to injury, if you find that there is no recourse to compensation”.

So, if you are planning a beauty therapy, do your homework. Check the experience and qualifications of the therapists, check they have liability insurance, and where possible get personal recommendations from people you know and trust – not social media, influencers are paid to recommend certain treatments.


If you have been a victim of negligent beauty treatment contact Andrew Marsden on 01924 473065, [email protected] or via our live chat. Initial advice is free and Andrew should be able to act for you on a no win no fee basis.