Good Maintainance

When your business relies upon machinery it is a good idea to keep things properly and well maintained. If you don’t, then accidents can and do happen, as Mr N knows only too well.

He works in a factory that prepares and packages among other things sliced cooked meat. Mr N was responsible for slicing meat as part of this production process. This was done using a slicing machine of the type you will commonly see behind a deli counter.

The machine in question had developed a fault which meant that the clamp device that sits on top of the meat to hold it in place kept dropping out of position. This is what caused Mr N’s accident. It dropped and fell trapping his hand. The employers denied it was their fault. They said that they did not know that the machine was faulty.

We have been able to show tat I fact Mr N and others had complained about it numerous times before the accident. The employer has now admitted fault and Mr N will receive the compensation he is entitled to.

If you have been injured at work due to faulty machinery you may be entitled to compensation. Call Andrew on 01924 73065 or email [email protected] and find out.