The Time Is Right

Unfortunately at the moment it looks like 2022 is going to be a tough year financially in the UK and we are only in February!

It may therefore be the case that the time is right for you to re-mortgage your property to try and fix your mortgage payments on a long term fixed rate which can sometimes be 10 years or maybe more.

In order to give you certainty as to your monthly repayments and to also guard against the rises in interest rates which seem inevitable as the Bank of England wrestles with higher inflation than they would like.

At Brearleys we can offer very competitive re-mortgage fees at any one of our 6 offices if you decide that the time is right to switch/fix your interest rate.

Please be careful to ask you current mortgage provider to advise on any penalty fees if you are thinking of switching mortgage and that you check what fees there may be with a new mortgage before you commit.