Pothole Fall

As Mrs B was walking back to her car in a local carpark she caught her foot in a pothole, tripped, and fell. This caused her to suffer injuries.

After consulting Andrew Marsden of our Batley office, Mrs B instructed us to bring a claim against the carpark owners. This was on the basis that the pothole was dangerous, and it was in a location in the carpark where people would inevitably have to walk. We argued that as the staff of the carpark owners also used it, they must have been aware of the problem, and could have done something about it.

The owners have now admitted the accident was their fault and that they are liable to pay compensation to Mrs B.

We act in this case under a no win no fee agreement. This gave Mrs B the piece of mind that if her case did not succeed she would not have to pay legal fees.

If you have suffered an accident get in touch with Andrew. You may be entitled to compensation and it will not cost you anything to find out.

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