Uneven Ground

Mr L worked for a construction company. When getting back to the works yard it was often necessary to unload the vehicle. More often than not, this involved somebody getting up into the bed of the truck. Once unloading was finished that person would then step down.

On this day that person was Mr L. Unfortunately for him, when he stepped down it was onto a broken up and uneven area of the yard surface. He went over on his ankle, fracturing it. The accident was reported, but Mr L was fairly sure his then employers had not actually recorded it in the accident book.

Mr L contacted other lawyers before coming to us and had his case turned down. This was because of the time that had passed, the potential problem with the accident book and the fact that there were no photos of the yard as it was at the time of the accident.

We listened to Mr L and decided we could help. We put his case to his then employers and have been successful in showing that it was their fault. They admit this and Mr L will now be compensated.

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