Prop It Up Properly

Mr M was at work going about his usual duties, when it became necessary for him to collect some items for a customer order. As he was doing so, a number of  heavy units fell and hit him, causing him injuries.

These units had been left propped up against the rear of the items Mr M had to move. He did not know they were there, and they should not have been.

After an appointment with Andrew Marsden at our Brighouse office we were able to represent Mr M on a no win no fee basis. We put his claim to his employer, and they have now accepted that they were at fault. Mr M will now go on to receive the compensation he deserves.

Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees. In this case, the fact that an employee had left items in an unsafe and an incorrect location.

If you have been injured in an accident at work call Andrew on 01924 473065, email [email protected] or use livechat on our website. Initial advice is at no charge to you, and if we can help, then we should be able to offer no win no fee for your peace of mind in relation to legal costs.