Trolley Park Trip

Mrs F was at her local supermarket and went to collect a trolley from the trolley park area. Unfortunately there was a defective cover in the floor surface near the entrance to the area. This caused Mrs F to trip and suffer injuries. Having met with Andrew Marsden of our Batley office we were able […]

Trolley Wars

Mrs A was shopping in her local supermarket. As she went along with her shopping trolley a member of store staff came down the aisle pushing a large trolley/cage in front of them, given the size of which they could not see Mrs A. They ran straight in to her, knocking her from her feet. […]

Beware Fizzy Pop

Beware fizzy pop is probably good advice from a nutritional point of view, we all know the hazards of drinking too much of it. Mrs H however came across a much rarer risk to health that it poses, when a pack of six two litres bottles fell off a high shelf in a supermarket and […]

A Trip To The Supermarket

A trip to the supermarket became a trip at the supermarket for Mrs H. As she was walking towards the entrance she caught her foot on a defect in the car park surface and fell, suffering injuries as a result. Following a meeting with Andrew Marsden at our Cleckheaton office we agreed to look in to […]

We Welcome Your Feedback

As a firm we always try to give you the best service we can, and it is always nice to get some positive feedback to let us know that we are getting it right. At the end of a case we always ask our client’s for feedback. This is important information for us, we take […]

Basket Tripper

Mrs P visited her local Morrison’s store and was walking near the checkout area when she fell over a shopping basket which had been left on the floor as Morrison’s had previously removed the basket tidies to put Christmas goods on display when Mrs P tripped she injured her neck and shoulder and also chipped […]

Mats Please

Miss W went to her local supermarket to do a bit of shopping. The weather was very poor, it was raining and had been for a while. As Miss W walked through the entrance way, she slipped and fell. The reason for this was because there were no mats down. This meant that everybody coming […]

Supermarket Slip

Miss W had nipped down to her local supermarket to pick up a few bits of shopping. Unfortunately as she made her way along one of the aisle she slipped and fell in some liquid on the floor. We put her claim to the supermarket and they have accepted that it was their fault. Miss […]

It’s A Cliché For A Reason

As every fan of slap stick comedy and cartoons will tell you banana skins are slippery. Step on one and…oops, up in the air and down you go. Mrs S found out on a recent visit to her local supermarket that it is very true in real as well. As she was walking along an aisle […]

An Expensive Shop

A trip to his local supermarket proved to be an expensive one, both for Mr K and for the supermarket company. As he was browsing the shelves a member of staff turned quickly whilst holding a tray of tins, unfortunately without checking it was safe to do so. He hit Mr K with the tray causing […]