Mats Please

Miss W went to her local supermarket to do a bit of shopping. The weather was very poor, it was raining and had been for a while. As Miss W walked through the entrance way, she slipped and fell.

The reason for this was because there were no mats down. This meant that everybody coming in was walking the wet from outside onto the shiny floor surface, which inevitably became slippery.

We put the claim to the store. They have accepted the accident was their fault and Miss W will now be compensated for what happened to her.

Stores have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe. They have to take appropriate steps to ensure that. When they don’t accidents such as this can happen. If you suffer an accident because a store has got it wrong you need to give us a call. Contact Andrew on 01924 473065 or Carolyn 01924 443900.