An Expensive Shop

A trip to his local supermarket proved to be an expensive one, both for Mr K and for the supermarket company. As he was browsing the shelves a member of staff turned quickly whilst holding a tray of tins, unfortunately without checking it was safe to do so. He hit Mr K with the tray causing him injuries.

We were not instructed in the case until quite a long time after the accident, as Mr K had tried to resolve things with the supermarket himself. They however would not accept any blame so Mr K came to us.

We have been successful in persuading the Defendant that it was their fault after we had to issue court proceedings. Mr K is now going being compensated for all his losses and expenses and for his injury.

This was a complicated case. There were issues about when it happened, the supermarket said it had no record of the accident, and other complications.  Many firms would not have taken the case on, but at Brearleys we take the view that you can’t just do the easy stuff. We are here to offer a service to everyone. If you have been turned down by other firms, or had your case dropped give us a call and we will be happy to have a look a your claim. 01924 47065, and ask for Andrew