Beware Fizzy Pop

Beware fizzy pop is probably good advice from a nutritional point of view, we all know the hazards of drinking too much of it. Mrs H however came across a much rarer risk to health that it poses, when a pack of six two litres bottles fell off a high shelf in a supermarket and hit her.

Needless to say the weight of this knocked her down and caused injuries.

Mrs H consulted Andrew Marsden of our Batley Office about bringing a claim for compensation. Andrew was able to take on the case on a no win no fee basis and the supermarket has now admitted the accident was their fault.

If you have been involved in an accident contact Andrew for advice via [email protected] on 01924 473065 or use livechat on on website. We should be able to act for you on a no win no fee basis, and initial advice is free.