Roll Over And Over

It turned out that Mr B’s luck wasn’t in after all when a friend offered him a lift home, saving him the walk. Unfortunately for Mr B it turned out that his friend liked to drive rather too fast, and even more unfortunately without the skill to do so.

Things came to a head when he drove quickly into a bend and lost control. The car left the road and rolled over and over until finally coming to a halt in a field. Mr B suffered significant and extensive injuries, some of which will cause him problems for the rest of his life.

We brought Mr B’s claim for him. The driver’s insurance company have accepted fault and Mr B will now be compensated.

Reckless drivers ruin lives, and whilst compensation can never mend injuries, it can help people get back on their feet and start to rebuild their lives. Call Andrew on 01924 473065 or Carolyn on 01924 443900 or use the contact us option on this website to speak to us about your claim.