ADR – A Level Playing Field

One of the biggest problem many parties face in traditional court litigation is the cost. Going to court is expensive, and with the courts overwhelmed and waiting lists for cases at an all time high, that cost keeps getting higher.

It is an unfortunate reality that the party with the biggest resources can often simply make it too expensive for the other party to continue. It can create an advantage.

Not so with Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is because both parties share the cost of the process equally, so nobody can take a financial advantage. It is also inexpensive compared to litigation. Even very high value claims will cost less than £2000.00 per party. The costs of court litigation for the same dispute will be 10, 20 , or more times that.

And, it works. 80% plus of cases coming to ADR settle. And all in one day.

Solve your dispute, don’t argue about it.

Andrew Marsden of our Batley office has been an Accredited Civil and commercial Mediator since 2012.

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