A Nice Review

It is always nice to get good feedback from our clients, as with these kind words from a client of Andrew Marsden at our Batley office. If you have been involved in an accident you might be entitled to claim compensation. Why not contact Andrew today to find out, on 01924 473065, [email protected], or via […]

Successful Outcome

Mr E’s life was literally turned upside down when the car he was a passenger in was flipped upside down by negligent driving. The driver unfortunately failed to safely control the vehicle, causing Mr E to be left with both physical and psychological injuries. Thanks to Andrew Marsden at our Batley office, Mr E is […]


Often we find ourselves in difficult positions when looking to gain access maintain or properties, or to replace boundary structures or extend. Our neighbours can become our enemies and tensions can rise high. A simple assessment of your deeds, legal rights, extent of ownership and remedies available by us, can in turn lead to amicable […]


You may or may not be aware that the stamp duty holiday for nil stamp duty payable for properties bought for between £250-500,000 has come to an end now but the stamp duty holiday for properties purchased as a main residence up to £250,000 is still nil until the end of September this year. It […]


01 June 2021 marked an important change in the world of residential Landlord & Tenant possession proceedings The Section 21 Notice that was extended to a 6 month notice was reduced to 4 month notice The Section 8 Notice that was also extended to a 4 week notice requiring 6 months’ arrears was reduced to […]


If you are buying a property that has a septic tank you must make sure that the septic tank discharges into a sewage system or a soakaway has been installed as otherwise you will get a nasty shock and possibly a fine upon purchase, as by law this should have been done by the 1.1.20. […]

A Nice Review For Andrew Marsden

Andrew Marsden at our Batley office recently successfully concluded a personal injury claim for Mrs D who suffered significant injuries after tripping over a defect in a footpath in Brighouse town centre. Having investigated her claim Andrew put full details of the case to Calderdale Council who are responsible for the safe upkeep of the […]

Count To Ten

Social media is great. It is an easy way to keep in contact with friends and family, arrange things, tell people about your business, etc…..and most importantly share photographs of what you are having for tea ( it is what it was invented for!). But, sometimes posts are not always about the positive and happy […]

Are you Sure You Know Who You Are Talking To??

Scams are regrettably becoming more and more common, and it is important to be on your guard and take care. We unfortunately see more of this than many people, whether that is because we are advising people who have been caught out, or because fraudsters often try and target solicitors. We have very sophisticated security […]

Take Care in Your Garden