We are delighted to announce the promotion of Emma Ingram to Associate at the firm. Emma is a part of our hardworking Wills and Probate team and is based at our busy Brighouse office. She is a true expert in her field and a very friendly and approachable Solicitor who is very popular at the […]

Ban on Ground Rents

The ban on ground rents is now due to come into effect on 30.06.2022 The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2002 will restrict ground rents on most new long residential leases in England and Wales to the value of zero, or as otherwise known, a token “peppercorn” rent per year. Although the new law effectively […]

Falling Shelf

After Ms B was hit by a falling display shelf at work she contacted Andrew Marsden of our Batley office to discuss whether she could bring a compensation claim. It turned out that the shelf had not been correctly fixed in place by a colleague. As Ms B was working on the display, the shelf […]

A Nice Review

A nice review for andrew Marsden of our Batley Office, from another satisfied client …


Major changes to the divorce process will come into affect on the 6th April 2022 As of the 6th April the new “No Fault” divorce will come into force and parties will not have to, or indeed be able to, blame the other for the breakdown of their marriage. Under current laws, one spouse needs […]

Bus Bash

Ms B was travelling home from work by bus as usual. The bus came to a sudden and unexpected stop. Ms B was thrown from her seat and injured. But who was to blame?? The claim was initially put to the bus company who denied being at fault. They in turn blamed another driver who […]

A Nice Review

Some nice feedback for Andrew Marsden of Batley office…  

Holiday Fall

Whilst Mrs J was enjoying a stay at her caravan she caught her foot in a hole in the ground as she was walking in the grounds. She fell, and suffered a fracture. Having taken details from Mrs J we put her case to the owners of the caravan site. They, through their insurers denied […]

Report It

If you see a defect or a problem with a footpath or road – REPORT IT. We get enquiries from a lot of people who have suffered injuries having tripped or fallen over defects in footpaths and road surfaces. Whether that be raised flagstones, potholes, risen tarmac due to tree roots, etc. Most footpaths and […]

Slip Up

Whilst Miss F was walking through a shopping centre she slipped and fell on some liquid. After she consulted Andrew Marsden at our Batley office, we put her claim. This ended up against the company who held the contract for managing the centre. The law in relation to these claims comes mainly from a case […]