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Thanks Laura Fahy

Laura Fahy Laura is temporarily leaving us to have another baby.  Laura is a key member of our Privat Client team – an experienced solicitor who is known for her meticulous, caring approach.  We will miss her during her absence but wish her well with her new baby and look forward to visits (with the […]

Care Home Fees and Deliberate Deprivation of Assets

Ellis Chapman. STEP qualified private client solicitor writes – The population aged 65 plus is due to increase by 50% over the next 20 years. Families therefore need to consider the costs of paying for care, in a nursing or residential home, where costs are exceeding £1,000 per week on average. This has encouraged some […]

Calls for overhaul of the Inheritance Tax regime

A “lifetime receipts tax” would be fairer and harder to avoid, raising more money for the State and encouraging families to pass on their wealth to younger members. The think tank proposal, part of a campaign led by Lord Willetts, is looking at ways to tackle intergenerational inequality. The IHT Regime, where most married couples […]

The Impact of Failing to Leave a Will

The death of actor Terence Beesley, the husband of well known Scottish actress, Ashley Jensen, has highlighted the position of what happens when someone dies without a Will. Sadly, Mr Beesley, died after being found at home unconscious 30th November 2017, having taken steps to end his own life. Documents at the Brighton District Probate […]

Have you put your affairs in order?

Don’t put this off as one of life’s catastrophes is always just around the corner. Take some time out to think what would happen if for example you suddenly became ill and had to long recovery in hospital or even worse if you died. Be kind to your family and friends and try to take […]


At our firm we are continually asked how to protect your property for the benefit of future generations, particularly where a property is held in the joint names of two owners. How do you own the Property? The first thing to consider is how the property is owned. Joint owners, such as husbands and wives, […]

Why Use a Solicitor to Make Your Will?

There are many ways to make a Will, but, making a Will is an important legal document which needs to be prepared very carefully to ensure it reflects your wishes and ensures your loved ones receive what you wish for them to receive. DIY Wills- The Dangers It is possible to obtain certain ‘packs’ to […]

End of the line for ‘meal tickets for life’?

A High Court Judge has ruled that spousal maintenance payments should not be relied upon as a meal ticket for life. On Wednesday, Lord Justice Moylan decided to vary the Order which granted Kim Waggott, ex-wife of multi-millionaire accountant William Waggott, annual lifetime spousal maintenance of £175,000. The ruling comes after Mrs Waggott claimed the […]


“They sent me a self-assessment form the other day. To me! I invented self-assessment.” Legendary tax-dodging comedian Ken Dodd married Anne Jones, his Partner of 40 years, just 2 days before his death to ensure the tax man could not take up to £2million from her in death duties, thereby having the last laugh. Forty […]