Dangerous Doors

Automatic doors are very convenient, they save you all the hassle of having to open them. Once the sensor picks you up, hey presto they are open, and they stay open until you are through.

Unfortunately not so for Mrs R. In her case the doors did not stay open. They closed hitting Mrs R as she walked through, knocking her from her feet.

We put the claim to the premises where it happened. They  accepted the door was faulty and that they were to blame for the accident. Mrs R has now received the compensation she deserves.

The claim was run by Andrew Marsden of our Batley office. We were able to help Mrs R on a no win no fee agreement which meant she had the security of not being worried about legal fees if her claim did not succeed.

If you have been injured in an accident contact Andrew via 01924 473065 or any of  our office numbers, by email [email protected] or use livechat on our website. Initial advice is at no charge, and we should be able to act for you on a no win no fee basis.