Bleaching Blunder

In a previous post we considered claims that can arise from the negligent performance of the ever increasing range of “beauty” treatments popping up on the High Street.

But claims are not restricted to these new therapies. As in all things, mistakes can be made across the world of beauty and beauty treatments, including hairdressing. 

Take the case of Miss W which was successfully concluded by Andrew Marsden of our Batley Office. 

Miss W went to a “new to her” hairdresser for a particular bleaching treatment. She went there because they had been recommended as being somewhere that provided this treatment. The salon apparently had a reputation for doing so, and Miss W picked them because of this.

Unfortunately for Miss W the salon definitely did not live up to it’s reputation on this occasion. Instead of her wonderful new look, Miss W was left with hair loss and painful scalp irritation. She needed specialist remedial treatment to repair the damage and was left with the cosmetic damage caused for quite sometime.

Through specialist medical opinion Andrew was able to show that the salon was at fault for what happened, and had been negligent in the application of the substances used on Miss W’s hair. As a result Miss W was properly compensated for happened to her.

If you have been a victim of negligent hair treatment contact Andrew on 01924 473065, [email protected] or via livechat on our website.

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