Need A Second Opinion??

Mrs S was at work. It was a training day and staff were moving around the premises from room to room taking part in training exercises. Her employer had provided refreshments including bottled water.

As Mrs S was walking to her next venue she slipped and fell on water that had been spilled on the floor. An investigation into the accident suggested it had been spilled by an employee from a bottle of water, and unfortunately that employee had not cleaned up the spill or asked for that to be done. Which is all it would have taken to stop the accident happening.

Mrs S was first represented by another firm. They put the claim to the employer who blamed the cleaners. The cleaners said not their fault because it had not been reported to them. At that point Mrs S’s solicitors told her she had no case and closed her file.

Whilst walking past one of our offices Mrs S decided to call in for a second opinion. We got the file from her old firm and reviewed the case. We put the claim back to the employer on the basis that they are responsible for the actions of their employees, and as it was their employee who spilt the water and did nothing about it, they are liable.

The employer has accepted fault and Mrs S will now be compensated.

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