Look Before Opening

Opening your car door seems a fairly mundane activity, lets face it, it is something we all do fairly often. At least twice per journey anyway.

But, it can have significant – potentially fatal – repercussions. Which is why it is now covered in the updated Highway Code.

Mr A had first hand experience of careless car door opening whilst riding along the road. As he approached a car parked at the side, the driver opened the door without looking, straight in Mr A’s route of travel. There was nothing he could do to avoid the collision and hit the door, causing him to be thrown from his bike, over the door and into the road beyond.

After speaking with Andrew Marsden at our Batley office we were able to represent Mr A in  a claim against the car driver. This was on a no win no fee basis. The driver admitted fault, and Mr A will be receiving the compensation he deserves.

The Highway code requires people exiting a vehicle to open the door with their opposite hand. So if you are opening a door to the right of you, open it using your left hand. This forces you to twist and helps make sure that you check to see that it is safe to open the door.

Be sure to check. It takes little time, no what how much of a rush you are in, and it could save somebody – including yourself – being injured or worse.

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