IT Hurts

Computers and technology are everywhere. They are part of our day to day existence, and most business and industry could not operate without IT.

On the whole your average computer does not pose the greatest risk to health and safety in the work place, although be sure to keep an eye on your work station ergonomics – seriously, a badly organised work station can lead to all manner of disease related injury.

But, if you overload a lot of redundant computers, printers, etc on a trolley, especially a trolley with defective wheels, then suddenly the risk they pose is a lot higher, as LP found out when she was then required by her employer to move the trolley.

The combined effect of the weight and the defective wheels made the task extremely difficult and LP was injured trying to do so.

On the face of it, it should not have been a very complicated claim, but when the claim was put the employer tried to argue that it was LP’s fault and that they did not have to move the trolley. We were however able to prove that LP’s manager not only told them to move the trolley, but did so repeatedly.

Following the issue and prosecution of court proceedings the claim succeeded and LP has now received the compensation they deserve.

The claim was run by Andrew Marsden of our Batley office on a no win no fee agreement, which meant that LP could bring the claim without worrying about legal fees.

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