Employers Must Record The Actual Number of Hours Worked

Employers must keep a record of the actual number of hours worked each day under the Working Time Directive (WTD). There must be a system set up to record daily working time for workers who have not expressly agreed to opt out of the maximum 48 hours of work per 7 days. It is a fundamental right of every worker to a limitation on the maximum number of working hours and the entitlement to daily and weekly rest periods. It was recently concluded in a case that if employers did not have to keep records, it would be impossible to control and accurately account for the number of hours worked.  

The WTD require UK employers only to –

Keep and maintain adequate records.

Show that working time, including overtime for workers not opted out, does not exceed 48 hours per week on average.

Show that they have complied with the limits on night work. 

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