CICA Success

Mr K was assaulted whilst working as a food delivery driver. He was punched and beaten by his assailant and had his vehicle keys stolen.

He put in a claim for compensation for his injuries through the criminal injuries compensation authority. This is a statutory body which exists to pay compensation to people who have been the victims of a crime of violence. Providing that certain criteria is met anyone who has been a victim is entitled to receive compensation.

Applications are, and quite correctly, scrutinized. If the case handler does not believe an applicant has satisfied the criteria, compensation will be refused. An applicant can ask for a decision to be reviewed initially, and then considered at a hearing before an independent tribunal.

Mr K’s claim was refused. We felt that the decision was incorrect, as in our view Mr K had fulfilled all necessary criteria. Andrew Marsden of our Batley office represented Mr K at the tribunal hearing and we are pleased to say  that the tribunal agreed. The refusal has been overturned and Mr K will now be compensated.

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