And Smile

Most people smile when they find that their personal injury claim has been settled in their favour, but for Mrs D that was doubly so, because settling her claim means that she can now go ahead with some expensive dental work needed as a result of the accident.

Mrs D tripped and fell on a defect within the pavement. As a result she suffered quite a number of injuries including significant injuries affecting her front teeth.

As part of the investigation of her claim we asked a specialist dental practitioner to consider these injuries. They were able to identify a permanent, if expensive solution, to these dental injuries. A solution that would cause Mrs D no long-term problems, and would not result in her having to frequently attend her dentist for continuing treatment. As would have been the case otherwise.

That cost has been agreed and paid by the defendant in the case together with the other compensation that is to be paid.

Many of our clients benefit from the specialist medical opinions that we are able to source as part of the claims process. As specialists in this area we have a long-standing history of consulting with the best experts in their field which means that many clients are recommended to treatments which would not otherwise be available to them through the NHS.

We have always felt that settling personal injury claims is not just about the compensation, it is about a package of recompense which includes rehabilitation treatment et cetera.

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