Lasting Power Of Attorney

Mr A approached Brearleys because he was caring for his good friend Mr B. Mr A is in his 80s and was finding dealing with Mr B’s financial affairs more and more tiring. Mr B lives in a care home and is unable to manage his own financial affairs. Although he is mentally capable, he is not physically capable and has very poor eyesight.

Mr B has no children of his own and no close relatives who were able to look after him. Mr A was concerned that if he died there would have been no-one left to help Mr B and he would be left in an unfortunate situation. Mr B understood that his good friend was getting older and struggling to help him so he decided to make a Lasting Power of Attorney following advice from Brearleys Solicitors. Within the document he appointed a partner at Brearleys Solicitors to act as his Attorney. Brearleys are now helping Mr B with his property and financial affairs.

If you have a friend or relative in a similar situation, or you would like advice regarding making a Lasting Power of Attorney before it is too late, then please contact the Cleckheaton office on 01274 864002.