Head Over Heels

Whilst driving in the bad snow we had earlier in the year Mrs S became stuck on a roundabout. She got out of her car to see what the problem was. As she was standing alongside her car that was then hit by another driver who lost control coming around the roundabout.

The impact pushed Mrs S’s car into her with such force that she was flipped up in the air and went head over heels down the banking at the side. Needless to say she suffered various injuries as a result of this.

Having consulted Andrew Marsden at our Batley Office we were able to take on the claim on a no win no fee basis and Mrs S has received the compensation she deserves for what happened to her.

If you have been involved in accident contact Andrew on 01924 473065 (or any of our office numbers), by email [email protected] or why not use our website live chat facility. We should be able to act for you on a no win no fee basis, and initial advice is at no charge. You may be entitled to bring a claim and receive the compensation that you deserve for what has happened to you.