Take Care At Junctions

As Mr P was walking across a junction he was hit by a car turning in. The car was travelling too quickly, and the driver tried to take the corner at speed. This meant that he didn’t see Mr P until it was far too late. As a result the car hit Mr P knocking […]

Eyes On The Road

Keep your eyes on the road – good advice, especially when you are driving. It certainly would have been good advice for the driver of the car that ran straight into the back of Mr B and Miss I’s car whilst they were stationary in traffic. After we put their claims the insurer of the […]

Roll Over And Over

It turned out that Mr B’s luck wasn’t in after all when a friend offered him a lift home, saving him the walk. Unfortunately for Mr B it turned out that his friend liked to drive rather too fast, and even more unfortunately without the skill to do so. Things came to a head when […]

Safe To Walk

Miss S thought it would be safe to walk when she went to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, it should have been. Unfortunately the driver approaching the crossing was not paying proper attention. In fact no attention at all, because he failed to stop and drove straight into Miss S. She was knocked […]

Not Enough Room At The Stop

You know what it is like, no busses for ages and then three come along at once!! Unfortunately on this occasion there wasn’t really enough room at the bus stop for all three at once. This didn’t however deter the driver of the bus that Miss C was travelling on, who thought they might just […]

Eyes Open

Keep your eyes open – good advice in most areas of life, but especially so if you are driving a car. Mr T certainly wishes that the driver of the car that ran into the rear of is vehicle whilst he was stationary had followed that advice. Unfortunately he didn’t, so instead of noticing Mr […]

Bus – Stop!!!

Mr C was driving his car along the main carriageway and needed to turn right into a side road. There was a bus coming out of the junction, and as the road side road was quite narrow Mr C remained stationary to let the bus out first. Unfortunately for Mr C the bus driver was […]

CCTV Helps Trace a Hit & Run Driver

Miss F was a passenger on a bus when another vehicle tried to overtake the bus and drove into and then fled the scene. This bus company had CCTV footage of the incident and from this we were able to track down the driver of the other vehicle responsible and submit a claim to his […]

Road Traffic Accident? Choose Brearleys

Mr P saw that the car in front of him had missed its turning and the driver in front started to reverse. Mr P braked and was stationary whilst the car in front carried on reversing and as the car in front completed his manouvre he unfortunately drove into Mr P’s car. Liability has been […]

Road Traffic Accidents – we are your best choice!

Have you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian and it wasn’t your fault? If so, we will seek the maximum compensation on your behalf, fighting your corner every step of the way. Compensation claims can be made for personal injury including whiplash, fractures, scarring, Tinnitus, psychological trauma. […]