Domestic Abuse

Given the Festive Period is approaching, we usually see an increase in Domestic Abuse Cases. Domestic Abuse affects men and women and takes many forms, including sexual, emotional and financial, as well as physical. Domestic abuse is more commonly perpetrated by a partner than by another family member. If you have suffered, or are suffering […]

Deborah Marsh Joins North and West Yorkshire Resolution Committee

Deborah Marsh at our Leeds Office is delighted to be joining the North and West Yorkshire Resolution Committee; she and her family colleagues Emma, Alex and Jayne thoroughly enjoyed the Resolution Winter Ball on Friday.  An excellent evening from start to finish thanks to YRes, great venue at Aspire, food and company.  Deborah cannot wait […]

Concertina Collision

Unfortunately for Mrs M whilst she was stationary in traffic on a slip road off the M62 a Corsa driver drover into the rear of a Fiat and the Corsa pushed the Fiat into the rear of Mrs M’s vehicle causing a concertina collision. The insurers of the Corsa have now admitted liability for the […]


Many people are unaware that clay related subsidence is a major cause of building damage accounting for 35000 insurance claims a year!  Although more common in the south of England due to generally drier summers, this can occur in all parts of the UK.  The damage is mainly caused by the clay in the soil […]

Burns to Child at Nursery

Mr S been looked after by his local private day nursery and whilst there he was allowed to crawl over the metal framed door and as he did this he burnt his hans on the door frame which had got too hot in the sun. Brearleys have now managed to secure an admission of liability […]

Seeing Your Children Over Christmas

You may not have started thinking about Christmas yet and it may seem too early to do so, but if you are separated from your ex partner then if you wish to spend time with your child/children over Christmas, it is something you should be thinking about as soon as possible. Although most couples will […]


For many years people were promised by Solar Installers that they would make a lot of money from installing solar panels on their property due to various government tariffs.  It has turned out for some that they have not made the money that they were promised by the sales team of these Solar Installers.   […]

Legal Aid

People do not always realise that Legal Aid can be available in relation to most family matters, including Divorce / Financial Relief / Children. There are certain requirements before Legal Aid can be granted, such as financial eligibility and, in certain cases, documentary evidence of domestic violence or Social Services involvement.  However, if you are […]


Check whether the person had a will Collect information on all the assets that person had, such as bank accounts, shares, properties etc. Collect as much information as possible about any debts that person may have had, including the cost of the funeral. Set up an executors account so that all money collected from an […]


Always consult a qualified Solicitor Consider how your wishes may impact your family and that you have provided for all eventualities Make sure your Will is witnessed correctly Keep the original Will safe (this can be through storing it at a Solicitors) Appoint an executor you trust