Do As I Say Not As I Do

There is often a difference between how a job should be done, and how it is done. The textbook way versus the practical get the job done way. It happens all the time, and for a variety of reasons – most commonly time and efficiency. Inevitably the textbook way takes longer. But what happens when […]

They Know What They Know

Information is important in all areas of our lives. It is particularly important in personal injury claims. Incorrect, or missing information can cause claims to fail. Never assume that a defendant will properly, or indeed at all, record details of an accident. We see all too many cases where there is no accident report – […]

Pothole Fall

As Mrs B was walking back to her car in a local carpark she caught her foot in a pothole, tripped, and fell. This caused her to suffer injuries. After consulting Andrew Marsden of our Batley office, Mrs B instructed us to bring a claim against the carpark owners. This was on the basis that […]

Prop It Up Properly

Mr M was at work going about his usual duties, when it became necessary for him to collect some items for a customer order. As he was doing so, a number of  heavy units fell and hit him, causing him injuries. These units had been left propped up against the rear of the items Mr […]

Wet Floors

Wet floors are usually also slippery floors. Over the years we have brought many hundreds of claims for people who have slipped on them, and suffered injuries as a result. From workplaces, to supermarkets, to public buildings, it is an inescapable fact that floors become wet. This happens for various reasons. In a recently settled […]

Make Sure It Is Recorded

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in accident – whether at work, in the street, even on the roads – make sure what happened is recorded properly. It can often be the  difference between proving your case or not, if you bring a claim. Too often we see cases that cannot succeed because […]

Trolley Park Trip

Mrs F was at her local supermarket and went to collect a trolley from the trolley park area. Unfortunately there was a defective cover in the floor surface near the entrance to the area. This caused Mrs F to trip and suffer injuries. Having met with Andrew Marsden of our Batley office we were able […]

A Nice Review

It is always nice to get positive feedback from our clients, like this nice review for Andrew Marsden…  

A Nice Review

Some nice feedback for Andrew Marsden and Carolyn Halsworth  

Rules That Do Not Work

Rules and regulations are everywhere, they effect everybody – we should know, it is our every working day one way or another!! Every workplace has them, from rules about what goes where, to who does what and how. On the whole they are necessary, sensible and help keep things ticking along nicely, and safely. But, […]