Seeing Your Children Over Christmas

You may not have started thinking about Christmas yet and it may seem too early to do so, but if you are separated from your ex partner then if you wish to spend time with your child/children over Christmas, it is something you should be thinking about as soon as possible.

Although most couples will be able to agree arrangements over the festive period, many cannot. If, as a last resort, the Court has to become involved and deal with the arrangements over Christmas, then you need to be considering seeking legal advice in this respect as soon as possible, as the likelihood is, if you leave it until a few weeks before Christmas then it may not be possible to agree the arrangements or make a Court application if it becomes necessary, due to lack of time.

As you will no doubt appreciate, the Court receive a number of applications at this time of year from parents who want to deal specifically with Christmas arrangements and therefore, if it is left while the last minute, your application may not get dealt with in time for Christmas. Hopefully, a Court application will not become necessary and with our assistance, we will be able to liaise with your former partner and agree arrangements.

Therefore, if we can be of assistance, then please contact the family department at our Birstall, Batley, Cleckheaton, Brighouse, Morley or Leeds office, as soon as possible.