Ladder Fall

Ladders are dangerous if not used properly. They are responsible for thousands of accidents every year, both in work places and around the home. But, they are an essential tool for a lot of people, and jobs.

The trick therefore is to use them safely, and most importantly know what you are doing. This certainly would have stopped Miss T’s accident.

Whilst in the early stages of her apprentice training Miss T was told to do some work which required the use of step ladders. She was given the ladders, shown her work site and told what to do. Unfortunately the instruction did not include how to put up the ladders properly. These particular steps had a safety device that locked them in a rigid position.

Miss T didn’t know this, so when she climbed the steps, they collapsed. She fell, and was injured. Having consulted Andrew at our Batley office, we brought a claim for Miss T. This has been successful and she will now receive the compensation she deserves.

If you have had an accident speak to Andrew 01924 473065 or Carolyn 01924 443900 and get some expert advice about what you can do.