It is not well known that in different areas of England & Wales specific searches that are required when purchasing property to ensure that no damage will occur to the property in the future.    Traditionally in coal mining areas, coal searches are carried out but it is less well known that in other areas of the country different mining may have taken place such as slate mining or tin mining areas perhaps around Cornwall and in the Cheshire area extraction of natural brine by pumping has affected the stability of rocks in many parts of Cheshire and therefore it is important in those areas that a salt search is carried out. 

If your conveyancing lawyer does not have experience of dealing with cases all over England & Wales as Brearleys have then it is quite likely that they will not be aware of potential issues with regard to mining in specific areas and as a result may not carry out the correct searches to ensure that the most valuable asset your home has no hidden problems that are lurking in the future once you have bought it. 

Here at Brearleys we have carried out conveyancing on a national scale in England & Wales over many many years and are therefore fully aware of the appropriate searches that need carrying out and there are specialist search providers in various areas of the country specialist geological backed searches.


Please contact us when purchasing your property wherever it may be in England & Wales for a competitive price.