Nice Feedback

It is always nice to get some pleasant feedback from our client’s, such as this for Andrew Marsden of our Batley office.  

Swing Scare

Mrs F had taken her children to a play area in a local park, and whilst there she and the children went on the swings. As she was doing so Mrs F’s foot became trapped in the matting area under the swing, and as the momentum of the swing continued the stress this placed on […]

Traffic Cone Trip

Whilst traffic cones are normally supposed to warn people and be easy to see, that unfortunately was not the case for Mrs W. Having come out of her garden gate and stepped out on to the footpath beyond she tripped and fell over a cone that had been left there. Because of where it was […]

You Can’t Park There

There are lots of things you don’t expect to happen whilst enjoying a quiet night in, and an idiot drunk driver trying park in your living room is definitely on that list. Mrs R had the narrowest of escapes when this happened to her. Just a minute or so before, she had been sat watching […]

The One Time You Don’t

Mrs H has mobility difficulties and lives with her husband in specialist assisted accommodation. The help she receives from the housing association includes garden maintenance, and the cutting of the grassed areas around her and her neighbouring properties. The gardeners also swept up and cleared away the cut grass that inevitably ended up on the […]

Bleaching Blunder

In a previous post we considered claims that can arise from the negligent performance of the ever increasing range of “beauty” treatments popping up on the High Street. But claims are not restricted to these new therapies. As in all things, mistakes can be made across the world of beauty and beauty treatments, including hairdressing.  […]

Nice Client Feedback

Some nice feedback for Erin Clarke of our Wills and Probate department. Erin recently moved to our Leeds office to continue to build her specialist practice in this area of law. If you need help and advice on matters concerning wills, probate, powers of attorney, or connected legal matters then give Erin a call on […]

Beauty Beware

Image and appearance appear to be becoming more and more important in day to day life, quite probably driven by social media, and the constant bombardment of photographs of glamourous and immaculately turned out celebs. (Seriously, nobody needs to look that good to nip out for a pint of milk!!). And whilst the rights and […]

IT Hurts

Computers and technology are everywhere. They are part of our day to day existence, and most business and industry could not operate without IT. On the whole your average computer does not pose the greatest risk to health and safety in the work place, although be sure to keep an eye on your work station […]

Beware Fizzy Pop

Beware fizzy pop is probably good advice from a nutritional point of view, we all know the hazards of drinking too much of it. Mrs H however came across a much rarer risk to health that it poses, when a pack of six two litres bottles fell off a high shelf in a supermarket and […]