Bus Bash

Ms B was travelling home from work by bus as usual. The bus came to a sudden and unexpected stop. Ms B was thrown from her seat and injured. But who was to blame?? The claim was initially put to the bus company who denied being at fault. They in turn blamed another driver who […]

A Nice Review

Some nice feedback for Andrew Marsden of Batley office…  

Holiday Fall

Whilst Mrs J was enjoying a stay at her caravan she caught her foot in a hole in the ground as she was walking in the grounds. She fell, and suffered a fracture. Having taken details from Mrs J we put her case to the owners of the caravan site. They, through their insurers denied […]

Report It

If you see a defect or a problem with a footpath or road – REPORT IT. We get enquiries from a lot of people who have suffered injuries having tripped or fallen over defects in footpaths and road surfaces. Whether that be raised flagstones, potholes, risen tarmac due to tree roots, etc. Most footpaths and […]

Slip Up

Whilst Miss F was walking through a shopping centre she slipped and fell on some liquid. After she consulted Andrew Marsden at our Batley office, we put her claim. This ended up against the company who held the contract for managing the centre. The law in relation to these claims comes mainly from a case […]

A Little Too Crunchy

When Miss W took a spoonful of her breakfast cereal it turned out to be a little more crunchy than she had expected. Some impurities had found their way into the cereal during the manufacturing process. As a result Miss W broke her tooth and ended up with a rather long and expensive course of […]

A Nice Review

Some nice feedback for Andrew Marsden of Batley office…  

Highway Code Update

You may be aware that there have been a number of changes to the Highway Code recently – there has certainly been a lot of “debate” arising from them!!! But, whether you agree with the changes or not, they are now with us, and must be followed. The changes are underwritten by the principal that […]

Stairs Trip Success

If you live in rented accommodation, and your landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance, your landlord is also liable for losses which arise if they fail to do so. Provided always, that you have told them about the need for the repair in the first place. Not all rental agreements work this way, and […]

Fix It

Employers have a duty to keep work equipment and machinery in a good state of repair. That does not mean that every machine in the factory needs to be shiny and free from all knocks and dints, very few are, but it does mean that they should operate properly. And, most importantly safely. That was […]