Dodgy Decking

Miss F works as a carer helping people in their homes. On this particular day she was working at a property she wasn’t very familiar with. The service user asked Miss F if she wouldn’t mind going outside to feed a family pet, which of course she agreed to do.

This involved her walking over an area of decking. What she didn’t know was that the decking had not been well looked after and as a result it was slippery. As she walked over it, she slipped and fell, suffering a number of injuries.

When we put the claim to her employers they denied it was their fault. We asked them to supply the documents they had relating to the accident and the service to the house, which they did. When we looked at those we noticed that there had been a previous similar accident, and the employer had noted the decking to be dangerous.

Unfortunately they had not told Miss F any of this, which is all it would have taken to prevent the accident from happening. When we pointed this out they then accepted fault.

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