Can You Help Batley Christmas Lights Switch On??

The Batley Christmas lights switch on event takes place on 30 November 2019, and the volunteers who the event need your help. Please see the letter below from Mr Richard Martin on behalf of the Batley Business Association:-

Saturday 30 November 2019
Batley Business Association (BBA) is a voluntary organisation without an income. As a group we are reliant on raising money for community events to support the town of Batley. BBA is committed to organising and producing an event to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas Lights as it has done for the past several years. The lights infra-structure is delivered by Kirklees MC.
The Christmas Lights switch-on is an event which we know the people of Batley look forward to. It brings together the local community to celebrate our town, enjoy the entertainment and each other’s company. You only have to look at the packed crowds in the Market Place as the countdown begins to see how much this means to our town.
For the event to go ahead, we have to raise up to £5000. This year, we have made a crowd-funding pitch through Spacehive to the “Growing Great Places” fund. Details of the pitch can be found on the Spacehive website –
As part of the process it is vital that we raise financial assistance through pledges from local businesses, charity organisations and the generosity of individuals. All donations, however large or small, will be gratefully received. Perhaps you could sponsor one aspect of the event, such as the snow globe or the entertainment stage, which is an opportunity to promote your organisation or business including direct marketing to hundreds of local people who will attend the event.
We would love to hear from you or any of your contacts and/or associates who may be able to help.
Thank you in anticipation.
Richard Martin, on behalf of Batley Business Association (BBA)