Why Use a Solicitor to Make Your Will?

There are many ways to make a Will, but, making a Will is an important legal document which needs to be prepared very carefully to ensure it reflects your wishes and ensures your loved ones receive what you wish for them to receive. DIY Wills- The Dangers It is possible to obtain certain ‘packs’ to […]

End of the line for ‘meal tickets for life’?

A High Court Judge has ruled that spousal maintenance payments should not be relied upon as a meal ticket for life. On Wednesday, Lord Justice Moylan decided to vary the Order which granted Kim Waggott, ex-wife of multi-millionaire accountant William Waggott, annual lifetime spousal maintenance of £175,000. The ruling comes after Mrs Waggott claimed the […]


“They sent me a self-assessment form the other day. To me! I invented self-assessment.” Legendary tax-dodging comedian Ken Dodd married Anne Jones, his Partner of 40 years, just 2 days before his death to ensure the tax man could not take up to £2million from her in death duties, thereby having the last laugh. Forty […]

Tripper Success

It is imperative to check inspection records received from local authorities. Mrs B was walking along the pavement when she fell due to one of the paving slabs was rocking and sticking up. The claim was denied by the local authority as they stated they had a reasonable system of inspection in place and no […]

Birstall St Georges Day Competition

Come and find the friendly dragons hiding in the shop windows from 14th April. Carefully look in all the windows and write on your entry form the name of the shops where you find a friendly dragon. Some of the dragons will be holding a letter. Collect all the letters and it will spell the […]