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It is imperative to check inspection records received from local authorities. Mrs B was walking along the pavement when she fell due to one of the paving slabs was rocking and sticking up. The claim was denied by the local authority as they stated they had a reasonable system of inspection in place and no defect was present prior to the claimant’s accident. However we were able to show from the documents which the local authority had disclosed that only 6 months prior to the accident the defect had been noted on their inspections and the council said they had repaired the defect and therefore we returned to the council pointing out if they had repaired the defect some 6 months ago they had not repaired the defect correctly for it to come back again in such a short space of time and therefore they should accept fault for Mrs B claim. The council made further enquiries and it was established that their contractors failed to repair the defect 6 months prior to Mrs B’s accident as they went to the wrong location and we have now been able to secure an admission of liability for the claimants case from the local authority. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice of personal injury specialist handling all types of legal cases both locally and nationally. It is really easy to claim and we will deal with your case efficiently and quickly to get you the right result. For more details call any of our offices or use our free phone number 0800 0923422. Or call Carolyn on 01924 443900 or Andrew on 01924 473065. Alternatively visit our dedicated website