Contentious probate

Contentious probate means when somebody wants to dispute the circumstances following somebody’s death for example where there is a will that is disputed or where for example it is argued that greater provision should have been made for somebody than actually was .

Sometimes claims are brought upon the basis of that the will was not correctly executed

Sometimes it is necessary to argue that the person making the will should have for example given the house to their wife or loved one .

This is an extremely complex area of law which should only be dealt with by specialists. we Wve been dealing with contentious probate work for many years with our litigation department backed by our strong private client Dept . We have strong links with the specialist barristers are ultimately are quite often needed in these cases.

If you think that you should have been provided for more than you have been following the death of a loved one, irrespective of whether there is a will or not then contact Nick Battye who is based at our Brighouse office on (01484) 714400 or email him at

We will discuss your needs and concerns upon a no obligation basis and outline for you what your options are