We achieve the HSSF mark in Family work

We are pleased to confirm that Alex Kennedy is eligible to hold Help and Support for Separated Families (HSSF) Mark due to the fact that she is a Resolution accredited specialist.

The HSSF Mark is part of the Help and Support for Separated Families Programme.

This programme brings together existing support services that help separated families collaborate in the best interests of their children.  It allows parents to feel reassured that Alex will promote collaborative working between parents following separation.  It will hopefully mean that she can help parents to always focus on their children, regardless of the difficulties and challenges breaking up bring with it.

Millions of children live in separated families in Great Britain today and every year thousands of parents separate.  The aim of all the services and products which meet the criteria of the HSSF Mark is to reduce parental conflict and promote collaborative parenting after separation or divorce to improve outcomes for children.