Unsecured Manhole Success

Mr B was on the first day of a new building site contract when he stepped onto a manhole cover which was not secure and his leg went down the hole causing an injury to his leg. As experts in dealing with claims that happen within the workplace we were able to identify the rules and regulations that the owners of the land had failed to adhere to and we submitted a claim on his behalf to the occupiers of the land where the accident happened. Liability was initially disputed by the defendants however after issuing proceedings against the defendants on behalf of Mr B the defendants have now accepted full liability for his accident and Mr B will now receive the compensation he is entitled to. For more information on accident in the workplace please visit http://www.brearleyssolicitors.com/what-we-do/personal-injury/ Alternatively please call Carolyn on 01924 443900 or Andrew on 01924 473065.