Hot Soup

We all like a nice bowl of warming soup from time to time, especially when the weather is colder. There are few things better for warming you up. Unfortunately for Mrs H, she got rather more than a bowl full of soup when a soup cauldron fell onto her at work. The soup was also […]

Pallet Pain

There is a correct and an incorrect way to safely stack paving slabs on a pallet. If you get it wrong the slabs have a tendency to fall over, and if they land on your hand and wrist, that can be, to say the least very painful. Unfortunately for Mr W the person who stacked […]

Watch …Ouch

Ouch, and possibly a few more words besides is what Mr W had to say following an incident with the boot of a car and an over eager taxi driver. Having called the taxi to take him and his shopping home, Mr W set about putting things in the boot of the vehicle when it […]

Supermarket Slip

Miss W had nipped down to her local supermarket to pick up a few bits of shopping. Unfortunately as she made her way along one of the aisle she slipped and fell in some liquid on the floor. We put her claim to the supermarket and they have accepted that it was their fault. Miss […]

Car Park Escape

Miss O had a lucky escape when visiting her local supermarket. As she was walking through the car park another customer lost control of their car and ended up driving at speed towards Miss O, who had to jump out of the way. Luckily she avoided being hit – unlike a number of nearby cars! […]

An Expensive Shop

A trip to his local supermarket proved to be an expensive one, both for Mr K and for the supermarket company. As he was browsing the shelves a member of staff turned quickly whilst holding a tray of tins, unfortunately without checking it was safe to do so. He hit Mr K with the tray causing […]