Tripping Along

In October 2015 Mr R was walking in the centre of Hull. As he was doing so he tripped and fell over a defect in the surface of the pavement. He landed awkwardly and as result suffered a fractured wrist. As well as causing him a lot of pain and discomfort, it also meant he […]

Eyes Open

Keep your eyes open – good advice in most areas of life, but especially so if you are driving a car. Mr T certainly wishes that the driver of the car that ran into the rear of is vehicle whilst he was stationary had followed that advice. Unfortunately he didn’t, so instead of noticing Mr […]


Mr S was working on a building conversation. He was instructed to take down some metal racking from the ceiling. The method he was told to use was to simply grab the racking and pull it out, which he did. He hadn’t been told that the edges of some of the racking was quite sharp, […]

Bus – Stop!!!

Mr C was driving his car along the main carriageway and needed to turn right into a side road. There was a bus coming out of the junction, and as the road side road was quite narrow Mr C remained stationary to let the bus out first. Unfortunately for Mr C the bus driver was […]

A slip in the toilets

Mr B was enjoying a game of bowling at his local bowling alley. He went to the toilet when suddenly and without warning he slipped on some water which had been spilt onto the floor causing him injury. We put the claim to the owners of the bowling alley and they have admitted that they […]

Good Maintainance

When your business relies upon machinery it is a good idea to keep things properly and well maintained. If you don’t, then accidents can and do happen, as Mr N knows only too well. He works in a factory that prepares and packages among other things sliced cooked meat. Mr N was responsible for slicing […]

An Expensive Shop

A trip to his local supermarket proved to be an expensive one, both for Mr K and for the supermarket company. As he was browsing the shelves a member of staff turned quickly whilst holding a tray of tins, unfortunately without checking it was safe to do so. He hit Mr K with the tray causing […]

Always Best To Use The Correct Equipment

They say a bad workman blames his tools. In this case the bad workman had only himself to blame because he picked the wrong tool to use. Mr H works in a food factory. A colleague needed to move a large quantity of meat which he did using an electric lifter. Unfortunately this particular piece of […]

Councils Negligent Repair

Master B was a young child playing in his garden. His parents rented the house from the local council and the council had previous attempted to remove some post from the garden but had left stubs sticking up from the ground and as Master B was playing he tripped over one of these stubs injuring […]

Collapse of Walkway at Summer Fair

Mrs W was visiting the local summer fair in her village and as she stood on the stand by the side of the dodgem cars whilst watching her son the stand gave way and Mrs W fell over as it collapsed. Liability for the accident has now been admitted by owners of the Dodgem Cars. […]