Road Traffic Accident

Have you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian and it wasn’t your fault? If so, we will seek the maximum compensation on your behalf, fighting your corner every step of the way. Compensation claims can be made for personal injury including whiplash, fractures, scarring, Tinnitus, psychological trauma. You may also be able to claim for out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, care and assistance required and various other expenses relating to your damaged vehicle. Our specialist and dedicated team has a vast experience in dealing with road traffic accident claims and can assist in obtaining compensation following accidents such as: Rear end shunts, Cycling accidents, Accidents where the other driver is uninsured, multi car collisions, accidents where the other driver cannot be traced, accidents involving foreign vehicles, motorcycle accidents.

Many lawyers are spending large sums on major advertising campaigns and even paying for individual clients to be referred to them by other organisations. In contrast, we concentrate our resources on the service our clients receive and those clients do our marketing for us.

For a Personal Injury claim, what could be simpler than directly contacting your local Solicitors’ practice, with no ‘middlemen’ and no Claims Management Companies to deal with? We at Brearleys can ensure that your claim is dealt with immediately, efficiently and sympathetically by a qualified Solicitor specialising in that field, not an adviser at a call centre. You can obtain independent advice directly and without delay as well as knowing exactly who is going to deal with your claim. Claims Management Companies may engage a number of people on your case and you can become overwhelmed by the large number of people becoming involved.

If you instruct Brearleys your local Solicitor it will be he/she who deals with your case from start to finish; they will become familiar to you and with the details of your case, thus enabling a more personal, caring service.

Speak to either Carolyn on 01924 443900 or Andrew on 01924 473065.