Contact Arrangements over Christmas

Christmas Time can be a very difficult time for separated parents. Unless Christmas contact has previously been arranged, either by way of agreement between both parents, or by a Court Order, then the parents will need to try and make the arrangements between themselves. We would suggest that you try and approach the subject of Christmas contact with your ex partner as soon as possible. Consider whether any previously organised and routine contact will need to be changed or amended in the run up to Christmas Day, for example, the children being able to attend Christmas parties or to visit relatives. Once an agreement has been reached, it may be worthwhile exchanging texts or e-mails to confirm what has been agreed so as to avoid any further misunderstanding and to avoid any conflicts. Do not forget to make “emergency plans” which would come into place, if for example, bad weather makes travelling difficult or impossible. You and your estranged spouse/partner should always know how to contact the other, or a close relative, in the case of an emergency. You do not want to be in Court on Christmas Eve trying to get a last minute Contact Order. The sooner the arrangements are made the sooner you can relax and enjoy the build up to Christmas. If you cannot reach an agreement with your ex partner regarding Christmas contact, then contact Brearleys for specialist legal advice as soon as possible. We have offices in Birstall, Batley, Brighouse, Cleckheaton, Morley and Leeds.