Fears regarding Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is to put up prices – but not as much as planned.

The company had originally planned to increase the average household bill by £12 from April 1, but instead will make an increase of an average of £6, it was announced today (Monday).

Water companies agree prices with industry regulator Ofwat every five years.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water’s chief executive, said: “We know many customers are feeling the pinch and have taken action by limiting the price rise for this coming financial year.

“We’ve also gone a step further in our proposals for the next five years by suggesting that bills move only with inflation up to 2020. Industry regulator Ofwat will give us their views on that proposal later in the year.”

The average household bill in Yorkshire from 1 April 2014 will be £373, compared to the average for 2013-14 which was £368.

Mr Flint added: “Guided by our Blueprint for Yorkshire, our investment this year will tackle the things customers say are their priorities, like sewer flooding, pollution and the quality of the sea at the east coast’s bathing beaches.

“Our investment in West Yorkshire this year includes continuing with our £16.5m investment in a new waste water treatment works in Castleford and working with landowners to improve the quality of the raw water we collect on the moors above Huddersfield and Bradford.”