Slipper in a Supermarket

Mrs H visited her local Tesco’s to do some shopping and as she walked down the greeting cards aisle she slipped on some plant material which had been left on the floor and not cleaned up by Tesco staff. Mrs H suffered an injury to her back and her toe as a result of her […]

Pedestrian Hit by Reversing Car

Unfortunately for Mr P whilst he was crossing the road a driver of a taxi reversed out of the side road that M P was crossing and Mr P’s foot was injured. The insurers acting for the driver of the vehicle initially disputed liability stating that Mr P had walked into their insureds car and […]

Unsecured Manhole Success

Mr B was on the first day of a new building site contract when he stepped onto a manhole cover which was not secure and his leg went down the hole causing an injury to his leg. As experts in dealing with claims that happen within the workplace we were able to identify the rules […]

Tripper Success

It is imperative to check inspection records received from local authorities. Mrs B was walking along the pavement when she fell due to one of the paving slabs was rocking and sticking up. The claim was denied by the local authority as they stated they had a reasonable system of inspection in place and no […]

Slipper in Nationwide

Mr S was visiting his local Nationwide Bank and after doing his banking he had to walk down a slopped exit which was wet from the rain outside and no matting had been put in place for Mr S to walk upon. Mr S slipped and fell and injured his left arm. Liability for the […]

More Care Needed

Mr A was in his car, stationary at a junction. He was waiting for traffic to clear to be able to pull onto the main carriageway. As he was waiting a car came down the road behind him. Unfortunately for Mr A, the driver of that car was not driving with the necessary care and […]

Third Party Drove Through a Red Light

Mr S was driving his vehicle through a junction in Leeds on Hunslett Road when the other driver drove through a red light and hit Mr S’s vehicle. Liability was initially disputed by the other driver but after we were able to obtain independent witness evidence to show that they had driven through a red […]

Slipping Accident in Lidl

Miss O visited her local Lidl to do some shopping and as she walked towards the tills Miss O Slipped and fell on the floor. Lidl had left a spillage on the floor and had failed to clean up the area. Miss O suffered an injury to her wrist, foot and ankle as a result […]

Bus Driver Braked Sharply

The claimant Mrs F was a passenger on a bus and as the bus approached a crossing the driver failed to notice a pedestrian crossing until the last minute and had to brake very sharply causing the passengers to be thrown about the bus with one of them landing on top of Mrs F. The […]

Stop At Give Way Lines

Mrs A was driving her motor vehicle along a main road when the other driver pulled out from a side road and failed to stop at the give way line and drove into Mrs A’s vehicle The insurers of the other driver have now admitted fault for the claimant’s accident. Brearley’s solicitors are your best […]